How committed are we to improving production quality on our YouTube channel?

This committed:

In the past three months, we’ve:

  1. Upgraded our Internet connection to a 140Mbps/down, 20Mbps/up dedicated line.
  2. Replaced our ASUS Intel Core i7/8mb deskotp computer with a Dell T3600 Xeon 8 core/64gb workstation.
  3. Replaced our single Samsung monitor with 2 BenQ monitors.
  4. Added a Behringer x1204USB audio mixer.
  5. Added a Bluetooth interface telephone patch to the computer.
  6. Added a toll-free 800-line for inbound call reception.
  7. Added two iPad 32g for monitoring and supporting the BossJock app.
  8. Upgraded our webcam to full 1080p HD at 30 fps.
  9. Upgraded our account to “Pro.”
  10. Distributed our live streams to four different platforms simultaneously: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Periscope/Twitter via

And, yes…that’s my living room. Shelley and I are deeply committed to producing and delivering the highest quality content with the highest quality production values we can.

But wait. There’s more.

Watch for our announcements next week!

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3 thoughts on “How committed are we to improving production quality on our YouTube channel?

    • Cindy…there are a couple of desk lamps in front of us – you can see them in the photo. But our main light source is a pair of 105w CFL bulbs in sconces against the wall we’re facing. They’re bright, they’re daylight balanced, they’re cool running, they run about $30/pair, and they have a MTBF of 10,000 hours! See photo here:

  1. THATS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) I love that you let us see your work also ~ Its really awesome ~ I can tell you will be online for a long time to come!

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