Multistream with “The Raven’s Nest” Meet the Map Auction Winner

Join Toby Younis of A Gypsy’s Kiss, Kristie of The Raven’s Nest, Mike Cowling of Cowlazars and Sean Martinez of Figuring Out Forrest on a panel to meet the winner of the Fenn Map Collection on eBay. Mike will also draw the name of the bronze medallion winner. More things to talk about and multi-streamed to all four channels simultaneously.

For a different, informative and entertaining take on the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe:
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One thought on “Multistream with “The Raven’s Nest” Meet the Map Auction Winner

  1. What could a YNP searcher say is response to this news? I immediately remembered that Mr. Fenn had his special place before he was 58 years old. So depending on when he acquired the maps they could be equally unimportant as they are important. Especially if he had written the poem well before the maps.

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