This Week’s Live Stream Line Up – A Gypsy’s Kiss

Surveying on Tuesday, Firestorm on Wednesday, 2(!) Special Guests on Wednesday Evening, Chapter 6 – My Spanish Toy Factory on Thursday. Whew! Busy week at AGK!

This Week’s Live Stream Line Up – A Gypsy’s Kiss

Drones on Tuesday, Open Discussion with a Special Guest on Wednesday, and our 1st Anniversary on Thursday’s Book Club. A fun week of Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt live streams. Join us!

A Gypsy’s Kiss on YouTube – This week’s live stream lineup.

Toby spends a few minutes talking about the AGK line for the week: 1pm Tuesday 27 Feb: Live Stream “What’s It Like to Be BOTG,”; 7pm Wednesday 28 Feb: Live Stream brainstorming session on “The Home of Brown”; and, 1pm Thursday, 01 Mar: Live Stream, Forrest Fenn Memoirs Book Club, Chapter 4, “Starting the Learning Curve.

Forrest Fenn’s Treasure. This week’s lineup.


Thursdays 1pm Forrest Fenn Memoirs Book Club –

This Week’s Lineup

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