The 2nd of 4 Predicted Fenn Articles Hits the Streets

As we have written in the past, we expected 4 Fenn-treasure-related articles to hit the streets before the end of summer, 2018. This is the second of those four written by Samuel Gilbert, a Santa Fe resident, for the UK’s “The Guardian” newspaper. Click on the image below to go to the article.

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New Fenn Treasure Article: Daily Mail UK – Sheila Flynn

Click on the image to go to the article.


Smart Fenn-treasure Related Marketing at Enterprise Car Rentals

Enterprise Car Rental Company has launched a new, and very savvy marketing campaign, based on the search for the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains North of Santa Fe.

First, a very well produced video on YouTube:

Second, a dedicated web page:

And, finally, yet another (pretty well written) Fenn Treasure article:

We live in great times, ladies and gentlemen, great times.

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Special Live Stream – Cynthia Meachum – 5pm MDT – 05/01/18

Cynthia Meachum will be joining me for a live special event at 5pm MDT on Tuesday to discuss her recent blog posts and conversations she’s had with “Ralph” and Fenn. Join us! You can read Cynthia’s blog article here:

New Article on Forrest Fenn Treasure Released Today

“The National,” Amtrak Railways Magazine today released an article on the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains North of Santa Fe.

“Inside the Epic Search for Forrest Fenn’s Gold

Eight years ago, Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest worth millions somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Meet the people more determined than ever to find it—or die trying.

May 9: AGK’s Fenn-tastic Fan Appreciation Event! You’re invited!

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We are very pleased to announce that we’ve added two new pages to our A Gypsy’s Kiss Blog, “AGK Photo Albums,” and “AGK Videos.” You can reach them by clicking on the menu items at the top of this (and any other) page. AGK Photo Albums includes all the photo albums that we’ve published since 2013, and we’ll continue to add new albums as we produce them. They are organized by date, with the most recent albums at the top. AGK Videos is organized the same way, with the most recent videos at the top. The list includes the most recent 40 videos, with a link to our YouTube Channel if you care to see the (at this writing) nearly 150 videos on the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt we’ve produced – with many more to come. We hope you find these pages convenient as you’re conducting your research. Please share them on your social networks.

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Artist Sean Wells is My Daughter, and this Video is My Favorite

My Talented Daughter

Artist Sean Wells ( is my eldest daughter, a graduate of the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, and the most creative and talented person I know. She has several time lapses on her YouTube Channel. I view them all with awe. And, she showed the same kind of talent when she was very young. Click on the link to watch one of my favorites in which she paints ambidextrously(!), then, please subscribe to her YouTube channel. I’m trying to inspire her to produce more videos. You’re subscription will help to move her in that direction.  You can find her YouTube channel here.

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