The Blaze: Panel Discussion with Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunter, Cynthia Meachum

Join panel members, Shelley Carney and Mike Cowling and Moderator Toby Younis as they host Cynthia Meachum, one of most knowledgeable Forrest Fenn Treasure hunters. Special guest producer. Join the live chat to get your questions on the board.

Join Us – 7pm Tonight – Open Discussion

Join our panel and live chat to discuss possibilities for searchers to locate the #forrestfenn #treasure YouTube Live 7pm Wednesday 3/7/18 at

Live Stream | Open Discussion | “…the home of Brown…”

YouTube friend, Mike Cowling, of Cowlazars join Shelley and Toby for an open discussion on “the home of Brown” clue from the treasure poem Forrest Fenn wrote and published in his first memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase.”