Photo Album: Fenn Treasure Scout/Recon #30 | June, 2018

Photo Album: Fennboree 2018 and Forrest Fenn Book Signing at Collected Works

Photo Album: Fording (the River) with Friends, Southern Colorado, June 201

Photo Album: Recon #29: Southern Colorado, June, 2018

Photo Album: Osier Station, Colorado, June 2018

Photo Album: Northern New Mexico Recon, April, 2018

Photo Album: Visit with Fenn, 2017

Just before Shelley and I decided to restart our effort related to the search, we called Fenn and asked to meet with him to let him know our plans. We also wanted to offer our services to stream the “Money Bag” Raffle Drawing at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum. These are photos from that visit in early 2017.

Photo Album – Cimarron Canyon Recon – 2018

Two New Pages Added to AGK: Photo Albums and Videos

New Free Resource

We are very pleased to announce that we’ve added two new pages to our A Gypsy’s Kiss Blog, “AGK Photo Albums,” and “AGK Videos.” You can reach them by clicking on the menu items at the top of this (and any other) page. AGK Photo Albums includes all the photo albums that we’ve published since 2013, and we’ll continue to add new albums as we produce them. They are organized by date, with the most recent albums at the top. AGK Videos is organized the same way, with the most recent videos at the top. The list includes the most recent 40 videos, with a link to our YouTube Channel if you care to see the (at this writing) nearly 150 videos on the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt we’ve produced – with many more to come. We hope you find these pages convenient as you’re conducting your research. Please share them on your social networks.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science, January, 2018

See more about our recon to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on our live stream, 1pm MST, Tuesday, January 23. Q&A to follow presentation. Join us!