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Forrest Fenn, Book Signing and Q&A, Collected Works Book Store, October 23, 2013

This is an audio recording of the post book signing conversation between author Forrest Fenn and his friends, also authors, Michaal McGarrity and Douglas Preston as they took questions from the audience. At the Collected Works Book Store in Santa Fe, New Mexico upon the release of Fenn’s second memoir, “Too Far to Walk.” You can watch the video on our YouTube Channel here.

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Understanding Where Warm Waters Halt in New Mexico (Updated on June 22, 2018)

I have assumed that the Fenn’s treasure chest is hidden in New Mexico. I’ve explained why in an earlier entry. While that decision could be criticized, it cannot be debated. It’s my assumption, and I cling to it like a grizzly bear does to a chubby, tasty flatlander.

I have also assumed that “warm waters” as used in the first clue of Fenn’s Poem (Begin it where warm waters halt…) is Fenn’s gracious, poetic, and pretty damned transparent nod to the the New Mexico State Game and Fish Department Fishing Rules and Information pamphlet. He is, after all, a lifelong, devout and dedicated fisherman, and would be familiar with them.

When I first started searching for the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, like everyone else, I used Google search to help me. At that time, when I searched “warm waters” the first entry on the results list was the reference to the phrase “warm waters” in the New Mexico Fishing Regulations. Perform the same search today, and you’ll get everything that has been written since. By anyone.

Since I’m about to jump into them, you can download a copy (in Adobe Acrobat) format of the 2018-2019 Fishing Proclamation (as the Rules are referred to) here. (I update this information annually.)

First, the phrase “warm waters,” (the plural) in the context of fishing, is unique to New Mexico. No other Rocky Mountain state uses the phrase in the context of fishing.

Second, while it is common knowledge that trout thrive in waters just either side of 55 degrees, there is nothing in anything the NMG&FD publishes that defines hot, warm, cool or cold waters in terms of temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. You will, on the other hand, find lists, with appropriate images, of warm water species and cold water species on the NMG&FD website without any reference to water temperatures.

CaptureaThird, you can find the definition of warm waters on page 16 of the above referred to publication. In the first paragraph it says, “Warm waters include all streams, lakes, and ponds, except those designated as trout waters (pages 24–25, 31).

Thus, the distinction, in the context of New Mexico fishing, is not between warm waters and cool waters, or warm water species and cool water species. It’s between warm waters and Trout Waters, irrespective of temperature or specie. (Special Trout Waters are a subset of Trout Waters, and reside within them._

The following has been edited (on June 22, 2018) to correct our understanding of warm waters in New Mexico.

That difference is documented in the map below. Click on the map to enlarge. A copy of this map is included in the annual New Mexico Fishing Rules and Info pamphlet. <===== You can download the current pamphlet with the link.

Simply put, warm waters in New Mexico are in the white areas of the map, and trout waters in the pink areas. Warm waters halt at the transition points between the two. For even more detail you can download this map:

New-Mexico-Public-Fishing-Waters-Map-Higher-Quality (1)


Our Fenn Searcher Coins Arrived Today!

The Fenn Searcher Coins we order from Mike Cowling, Cowlazars on YouTube, arrived today. They look really good, and they feel good in the hand. They have good size and weight. We ordered 10 of them, and will give 3 to the moderators in our YouTube live chat, one to team member Kevin Carney, and one to team member Jason Younis. Shelley and I will keep one each. That leaves three we’ll be giving away on our Tuesday live stream at

We’ll ask the room to solve a trivia question and post the answer to one of our previously published videos. Competition is open to anyone in the chat room at the time of the live stream.

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Yellowstone Pamphlet, Published in 1958

For those searchers considering the possibility that Fenn hid his treasure in Yellowtone, here’s a pamphlet you might find interesting. It was provided to us by one of our YouTube Channel subscribers in the UK, Jonothan (Jono) Jones. Click on the image below to download the .pdf file he sent us.

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Yet More Forrest Fenn Treasure Articles?

Forrest Fenn, and others, have recently expressed the expectation that “…a couple of major print articles” will be published sometime in the near future. I’m hoping that one of them will provide some new insight, not necessarily to Fenn – he’s not going to give them anything new – but on the search itself. At least, I hope, a new hook.

Here’s my expectation – yet more articles with this “safe” outline:

  • I went to Santa Fe. It’s very high and dry. Surprise, it’s not New York!
  • I met a rich, eccentric, enchanting old coot who hid a really valuable treasure and challenged people to find it.
  • Short Fenn Bio. Book/poem.
  • Citations from previously published work/interviews.
  • Apparently, lots of poor, eccentric people giving up their little texting machines to look for it.
  • Dal, Katya, Sasha, Desertphile, Cynthia.
  • Some people have died looking.
  • Chief of NM State Police and U. S. Park Service not happy.
  • More citations from previously published work/interviews.
  • Treasure still out there. Go look for it!
  • Got hooked, headed for Yellowstone this summer.

They’re missing the point.

It’s not about Fenn. It hasn’t been about Fenn since he published “The Thrill of the Chase.”

Apparently, if I want to read something original, I’m going to have to write it myself.

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