This is a gallery of active YouTube channels dedicated to the search for the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains North of Santa Fe. If you are aware of an active, dedicated channel that is not here listed, please let us know. Send the channel link to us at They are listed in alphabetic order. Click on the image to be redirected to their YouTube Channel.

A Gypsy’s Kiss – Shelley Carney and Toby Younis

Aksarben – Ryan Chappelear

An Average Person

Bill Gorman

Blaze Gazer

Cowlazars – Mike Cowling

Fenn Treasure Hunter – Jason Dent

Forrest Fenn Thrill of the Chase Poem Bronze Chest Gold Solve – Kyle Sandau

Glyphman Outdoors

IIWII Productions – Eric Johnson

IllinoisGhost – Rick McDonald

Man Alone

Man In the Barn – Brian Barfield

Mysterious Writings – Jenny Kile

Ramblin’ Pam – Pam Shoppman

Rodney Greenway

RF Hecky – Susan Heckenliable

The Flip Side of the Fenn Treasure Hunt – Sean Dodson

The Odious Soul – Shannon Utz

WyMustIGo – Troy Barlow