Amid Controversy, Silent Auction for Fenn’s Maps is Pulled

After criticism over their consecutive decisions to (a.) acquire the Fenn Map Collection from his grandson’s eBay auction, then (b.) reselling them at a profit in a silent auction, then (c.) committing to donating half the profits from the sale to a searcher in crisis as a result of the effects on their property of Hurricane Michael, Kristie (THOR Forum, The Raven’s Nest on YouTube) and Mike Cowling (Cowlazers on YouTube) today released the following brief statement:

“As a result of the continuing controversy over our decision to resell the maps we purchased on eBay from Shiloh Old, we are pulling the silent auction effective today. In addition, in order to keep the commitment we made, we have donated $1,000.00 to the GoFundMe campaign established by Sacha Johnston on behalf of searcher Marti Kreis and her family.

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