A Clue in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science?

56 of the Objects in the Fenn Cache. Cast.

We have, on numerous occasions, been asked where we are planning our next recon. Between January 17, and January 22, we shall be traveling to Denver to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We believe there is at least a hint, and perhaps even a clue, hidden amongst its exhibits.

From the foreword, written by Douglas Preston, to Fenn’s third memoir, “Once Upon a While:”

“The final clue, he (Fenn) said, would be where they found his (Fenn’s) car: in the parking lot of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.” (Italics are mine.)

We do not believe the clue would have been found in his (Fenn’s) car or the parking lot of the museum.

The clue, we believe, is within the museum. We further believe the clue is related to Fenn’s “special place.”

We will report on our findings next year.

Edited: This is not meant to imply that our position on the matter of “in which State the treasure is located” has changed.

Edited: Helpful in planning your visit.