Increased Media Interest in the Forrest Fenn Treasure with WyMustIGo

Join guest Troy Barlow, Panelists Pam Shoppman, Mike Cowling, Cynthia Meachum and Richard McDonald, along with Producer Jason Younis, Moderators Man in the Barn, Joel Lewicki, Brian Eable and Jimmy Fast and moderator Toby Younis as they discuss how much media the search for Forrest Fenn’s treasure has been receiving lately.

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Smart Fenn-treasure Related Marketing at Enterprise Car Rentals

Enterprise Car Rental Company has launched a new, and very savvy marketing campaign, based on the search for the treasure Forrest Fenn hid somewhere in the mountains North of Santa Fe.

First, a very well produced video on YouTube:

Second, a dedicated web page:

And, finally, yet another (pretty well written) Fenn Treasure article:

We live in great times, ladies and gentlemen, great times.

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