New, Short Article on Fenn Treasure by Margie Goldsmith

Goldsmith was one of those responsible for the expansion of the treasure hunt.

February 18, 2011, in Huffington Post Online:

August 23, 2011 in Huffington Post Online:

January 1, 2013 in United Hemispheres Magazine:

We interviewed Ms. Goldsmith in 2014:

Here’s the most recent article, June 28, 2018: Forbes Online:

(Note: the article is 2 online pages long, and continues at the bottom of the first page.)

Fenn quote from the article:

“Fenn says that one hunter got within 200 feet of the treasure, but so far, no one has found it. ‘The treasure is not easy to find,’ says Fenn, ‘but it certainly isn’t impossible. All someone has to do is solve the clues in the poem and the chest can be theirs.’ Fenn admits that one clue is the most important clue in the poem: Finding where warm waters halt.”

Now, apparently, “where warm waters halt” is not only the first clue (Interview with NZ Radio) but, in addition, the most important clue.

The final paragraph in the article which contains our favorite Fenn quote:

“Says Fenn, ‘I think I will be a little disappointed if someone finds the chest this summer. I have said many times that I didn’t care if someone finds it because the ambiance of mystery will be gone, and a lot of people will be disappointed.’ He grins like the Cheshire cat and adds, ‘It is possible that someone will find the treasure this year, but they will have to figure out the clues first. They are not going to happen upon it.’’

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