onXmaps: Fenn Treasure Research Alternative to GMap4

Toby Younis talks about http://www.onxmaps.com – a commercial alternative to GMap4 for conducting research related to your hunt for the Forrest Fenn treasure.


The video above is presented for entertainment purposes only. The content is based on our research, our assumptions and our conclusions. Therefore, what follows are opinions, some of which may be in direct contrast to what has been written or spoken on the subject of the Fenn treasure by anyone at any time, and the expression of which is guaranteed by the First Amendment to The Constitution of the United States of America.

OUR opinions drive OUR search for said treasure, and should not be interpreted as suggestions, directions or recommendations to any other person with an interest in the search for said treasure.


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GMap4: Free Online Mapping Software Tutorial Video


On July 12, 2018, John Elfelt, the developer of GMap4, made this announcement: “Thank you everyone who had a kind word to say about Gmap4 since I launched it in 2009. Gmap4 had a good run. However due to policy changes at Google, Gmap4 is shutting down for most users as of this evening, July 15, 2018.”

We are, of course, disappointed to read this great mapping tool is no longer available.

Once we found out, we started looking for alternatives and discovered onXmaps at http://www.onxmaps.com

Unlike GMap4, it is not a free product. You can purchase the use of one state map for $29.95 per year, or all 50 states for $99.95 per year. We chose the former, as we are searching only in New Mexico.

We have produced an introductory video on the product. You can find it on our YouTube channel here: onXmaps: Fenn Treasure Research Alternative to GMap4

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Shelley Carney and Toby Younis
A Gypsy’s Kiss

This is an 8 minute long introduction to GMap4, a free, online, ad-free, comprehensive mapping application.