Breakfast with the Schoppmans!

Pam Schoppman (Ramblin’ Pam on YouTube and a frequently invited member of our Wednesday night panels) and her husband, Bob, were traveling through Albuquerque on their way home after a week and half of New Mexico, including the Jamie Jourdan Raffle event, and a visit with Fenn at his home.

We met for breakfast at the Range Cafe located along side the Rio Grande exit of I40 Westbound. We spent more than two hours over a Tuscan Omlet, Huevos Rancheros and the world famous Range Blue Corn Pancakes discussing our YouTube Channels, the community activities surrounding the Jamie Jourdan raffle, and of course, our favorite Fenn-treasure search areas. As we were leaving, Pam informed me that it was her 62nd birthday, and was looking forward to receiving the first of her Social Security Benefits.

These are two of the nicest people in the search, and if you haven’t already subscribed to her YouTube channel, I strongly recommend you do so today. She produces engaging, informative, and well produced content and has made it an objective to continuously improve her product.

Here’s the link to her channel:

And, if you comment on one of her YouTube videos, remember to wish her a Happy Birthday.

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