Updated: Forrest Fenn’s Personal Collection of Topo Maps Sells for $3,550.00 on eBay

Note: This is a rapidly changing story. We will update it as new information becomes available.

In an eBay auction that concluded just a few minutes before this writing, “Forrest Fenn’s Personal Topo Map Collection with 2 wooden map cases. CO, NM, UT” closed with a winning bid of $3,550.00. Bidding quickly rose from around $900 to the final bid in the last 30 minutes of the auction. Shipping was not included as the buyer was expected to pick the maps up from Fenn’s storage location.

The official USGS maps were dated around 1954 an included the complete sets for Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. Colorado and New Mexico are two of the four “search” states in which Fenn has hinted he had hidden his famous treasure.

A total of 7 bidders (including this writer) cast a total of 52 bids to get to the final price. The winning buyer on eBay (which protects bidders’ identities) was “c***1,” who had only bid on one item prior to this one on eBay.

The auction was posted by seller “nmmountainco505,” whose been an eBay member since February, 2017. This was the member’s first auction. We presume “nmmountainco505” represents a trusted member of Fenn’s family. (Update: We have had confirmation from two sources that Fenn’s grandson, Shiloh Old, is the individual behind “nmmountainco” on eBay.)

(Update 2018 10 13: Kristie of The Hint of Riches Forum and The Raven’s Nest on YouTube has informed us that the winning bidder will be a guest on her YouTube program at 7pm MDT on Monday, October 15, 2018. She also informed us via text message that she (the winning bidder) will “…make a special announcement regarding the maps…” during that program.

(Update 2018 10 13:  An unconfirmed source indicated that “…probably 2 or 3 of the drawers are Colorado maps, one for Utah, and the rest, New Mexico.” There are also indications that there are multiple copies of some of the maps, some with Fenn’s handwritten notes. Fenn’s grandson, Shiloh, also confirmed that Fenn had given the entire lot to him (Shiloh) and that it was his (Shiloh’s) decision to auction them.)

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